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AB News World Cup 2022

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AB Broadcaster Tracey Holmes was in town last week and had plenty of time to discuss the big one with the locals. We also had the chance to check out the latest gizmo a la sloane in the bowels of Doha’s Doha Central. The most important question for a startling number of fans is the following: what is the best way to get to Doha? It’s a long journey from Perth, but the weather is decent and the time spent will be well rewarded. In short, a visit to Doha is a must. For the best price, do your research and you’ll be rewarded in style.

While there is no shortage of booze, we have to hand it to our mates. Having a plethora of high octane beverages at hand has not been a bad way to spend our hard earned cash. If you’re in the market for a first class treatment, call it a date, but be prepared to ring the bell for the price of a champagne bottle. The best time to call is early evening or early morning.

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