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The Alchemy Blockchain provides developers with the tools they need to build and deploy blockchain applications. Its customers include Maker, Dapper Labs, Kyber Network, and Shapeshift. It is backed by many prominent individuals and institutions, including Coinbase and Stanford University. Its mission is to make blockchain development easier for developers.

Alchemy has a decentralized architecture that separates data into special data stores that are faster to access. This allows developers to focus on building differentiated features. It also provides developers with fewer engineering resources, making it easier to build blockchain apps. Its platform is similar to Amazon AWS for blockchain.

It is easy to integrate Alchemy into your application. First, you need to create an account on Alchemy. Once you have an account, Alchemy will generate an API key for your application. This API key will allow your application to send and receive information from the blockchain. It will grant your application access to 300 million compute units per month, equivalent to 12 million transactions per month. You can also send blockchain requests directly using a web form.

Alchemy is a company that helps developers build blockchain applications. The platform provides a suite of services that developers need to create and run successful projects. It wants to be the AWS of the Web3 world, and currently powers several popular projects. The company was founded by Nikil Viswanatha and Joe Lau and has received investments from several venture capitalists.

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