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rtsy’s auction interface is dated and not technologically advanced. Considering the $50 million price tag, I’m surprised Artsy would invest so much money in an interface that doesn’t even make the company look forward to using it. The interface’s navigation is cumbersome and requires the user to manually click through lots to determine whether or not a reserve has been reached.

In addition to the lack of standards, Artsy’s policies are not particularly helpful to buyers. For example, it is not uncommon to find lots that indicate they are located outside the US or have foreign ownership. Although Artsy tries to minimize this risk, it cannot do much to prevent buyers from being disappointed. As such, buyers should make sure they read the fine print when they purchase an auction lot online.

Artsy’s mission is to encourage the next generation of collectors by providing a visually striking bidding experience that makes artworks available to all. As part of this mission, the Auctions Liaison supports the Auction Operations team to ensure that the listing process for artists is smooth and professional. Duties include preparing auction artwork metadata, reporting auction results, and event preparation.

Sellers must comply with the terms and conditions set forth by Artsy before posting their listings on the Services. If the information provided in the listing is not accurate or true, the seller will not be allowed to sell it on Artsy.

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