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Auction Draft Strategy

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Your auction draft strategy will likely differ depending on the format of your league. For example, if you’re in a fantasy football league, you’ll want to make sure that you know the type of owners by the first few players you draft. Then, you’ll want to keep an eye on player prices, and divide them by the total maximum suggested bids for each player. If you’re in a league with few aggressive owners, you should be looking for discounted studs early in the draft.

Another common strategy involves getting players before an entire tier goes off the board. However, this strategy can backfire in an auction draft because of the high risk and high reward nature of this strategy. For example, if you’re in the last tier, you may panic and overbid to get the last player.

Another auction draft strategy is to keep an eye on your own budget and roster size. You might find a high upside player at a price of $1 to $5, but if you choose to buy him early in the draft, you’ll end up paying more than you need to. You’ll also want to look for sleepers – players who can fill your roster for only a few dollars.

While the auction draft process may be slow, you can utilize your downtime to keep a close eye on your opponent’s roster and make adjustments accordingly. Keep in mind that different teams build their rosters differently. For instance, you might want to take advantage of mid-grade quarterbacks, while your opponent may prefer to grab elite players.

It’s easy to make a mistake during an auction draft, so you’ll need to be cautious. If another player wants the player you want, step aside. And if you don’t have the cash to make a high bid, you should wait for the next nomination. By doing this, you’ll avoid making regrettable decisions.

When building your auction roster, it’s essential to have a positional plan. This will ensure that you don’t buy a player that you don’t need. If you’re on a tight budget, you can use positional plans to avoid overpriced players. A positional plan will also ensure that you have a roster filled with players that fit into the team’s scheme.

In the early stages of the auction, the best players are extremely expensive. It’s not unusual to have to outbid eleven or more people to land a player that you want. The key is to get a player before the competition does. By doing this, you can lock in a player that is worth 45% of your budget.

Another option is to save your cash until the middle of the draft, when you’re still at a competitive position. In this way, you’ll have the chance to buy cheap players that will help your team reach the playoffs. You’ll be able to find good deals later on, while avoiding overpaying for a superstar.

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