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Auction Export Partnership With IAA

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Auction Export is one of the leading Internet companies that specializes in purchasing and exporting cars from the USA to foreign buyers. They recently announced a new partnership with Insurance Auto Auctions, which will allow clients of Auction Export to bid on IAA vehicles during live auction. This partnership will improve the co-marketing relationship between the companies.

While car auctions appear to be an ideal option for shipping a vehicle, the costs of a car delivery are often two to three times what you would expect to pay a standard shipping company. Moreover, many auto auctions are located all across the United States, which makes it difficult to get a comparable shipping rate. This makes it crucial to compare delivery services before making a final decision.

After the payment, Auction Export picks up the car from the seller and transports it to an exit port in the US or Canada. If necessary, the company will take pictures of the vehicle and send them to US or Canadian customs. Upon clearing customs, the car will be delivered to a courier service.

Before buying a car from Auction Export, be sure to read the bidding terms carefully. There may be some hidden fees and terms that make the process more difficult. You should also be careful about the location of the car. If you can, pick the location nearest to the port where it will be delivered. This will reduce delivery costs.

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