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Auction Item Ideas For Fundraising Events

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One of the best auction item ideas is to sell a membership to a museum. A membership is an investment that people will appreciate for a long time. Museums are generally nonprofits and may be willing to donate or form a partnership with your event. These memberships can be included in a larger package, or stand alone as an item. Either way, they’re a solid choice for any auction.

Other auction item ideas include gift baskets filled with local goods or services. Many local businesses donate gift baskets filled with their products, or organizations can create their own gift baskets. You can even offer travel packages, including airline tickets, hotel stays, guidebooks, and certificates for local activities. To make the travel package more valuable, consider getting sponsors for the trip.

Another great auction item idea is to offer a family experience. Many nonprofits hold events around major holidays. These holidays offer a unique opportunity to capitalize on the coincidence and offer seasonal experiences in the silent auction. For example, a family-friendly event could include a visit from Santa or the Easter bunny. Other nonprofits might offer a costume or two for guests to bid on.

Tickets to an event or concert are also a popular auction item. A local theater or concert venue might be willing to donate a limited number of tickets to the event as a donation. Alternatively, a sponsored gift certificate for a local retail store or company could be a great auction item. These gifts could also be listed as event sponsors.

Another unique auction item idea is a free lesson. Local swimming facilities, a cooking school, or a skydiving location may be willing to offer free lessons in exchange for publicity at an auction. Likewise, a chef may offer free cooking classes to attendees in exchange for publicity from the auction. These freebies are a fun way to get people involved in a fundraiser.

Tickets to events are always a popular auction item. VIP experiences are also popular and offer guests the chance to meet cast members or performers. Photography gift cards for local photographers are also great auction item ideas. These gift certificates can include a photo session, digital photos, or even photo books. A good photographer can also donate a session.

An exclusive tour of an art gallery is also a good auction item. Partnering with a local art gallery or museum is an excellent idea. You can provide a tour to patrons, and they can use the proceeds to further their mission. Another item idea is offering a free dance class to supporters of your organization. These classes are fun for both you and the nonprofit.

An air fryer can also be an excellent auction item. You can pair it with a cooking gift basket to make a truly unique auction item.

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