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If you’re looking to purchase a cigar online but aren’t sure where to start, there are several different sites that specialize in offering these kinds of auctions. Two of these are Cigar Bid and Cigar Auctioneer. While both sites have their fair share of problems – especially in regards to customer service and technology – they also have good ratings from users. You’ll find that these sites aren’t the worst choices for purchasing a cigar online.

Cigars International operates the nation’s largest humidor, a 49,000 square-foot fortress where it securely stores more than 80 million premium cigars and accessories. The humidor is constantly monitored to maintain the ideal humidification conditions for the cigars. Cigars International’s humidor houses some of the best cigar brands in the world, including Rocky Patel and Cohiba.

One recent auction involving a box of Cuban cigars sold for almost $25,000 at Christie’s of London. The box contained 50 1492 cigars, which were minted to celebrate the quincentenary of Columbus’ voyage. The winning bid of PS15,000, or $495 per cigar, broke the previous record set three weeks earlier at a Christie’s auction in Geneva. The box of Havanas, which are the most famous cigars in Cuba, attracted more than 100 bidders at the auction.

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