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Collectible Auctions are held at auction houses that specialize in high-end items and fine art. They have gained a worldwide reputation for their highly-priced sales. Based in New York City, they have representative offices in 12 cities around the world, as well as an online platform that allows bidding in real time.

Some of the most popular collectibles at auctions today include antique signs, vintage Coca-Cola ads, U.S. coins, comic books, sports cards, memorabilia, and the personal effects of famous people. US stamps are a particularly popular collectible among Americans. They are also becoming more popular in countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe.

The first copy of the will of Napoleon Bonaparte sold for $483,000, well above the presale estimate. Another auctioned item was a spinning wheel that Mohandas K. Gandhi used to make his “homespun” cloth, which was a protest against British rule. Another high-profile item sold at a recent Collectible Auction was a rare space flown flag from Apollo 11. It sold for $71,875 after premium.

Collectible Auctions are an ideal way to buy collectible items. Whether you are searching for coins or sports memorabilia, online auction sites provide a wide selection of items for sale.

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