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FJB Coin News

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The $FJB coin is gaining in popularity in recent weeks. Its supply is 40 billion coins. Of those, 17.8 billion are burned. The operating address controls the rest, with a portion of the transaction fee going to charity. The market value of FJB is currently $30.5 million.

The FJB crypto project is a blockchain project focusing on a decentralized economy. It boasts of providing “censorship-resistant, immutable ledger services”. The project is also aiming to create jobs in the decentralized landscape. It also highlights tokenomics. This is the way that people can purchase and use the FJB.

The $FJB coin was first launched last October. It was valued at $.0019 per coin when it debuted. However, it crashed to $.000997 by December 22. However, after Bannon’s announcement, the price surged to $.0046. The price dropped steadily after this high. On January 17, it was down to $.0016.

The FJB coin’s price is currently $0.001 and is projected to be worth $0.006 in 5 years and $0.043 in 10 years. The FJB coin’s future value depends on supply and demand in the crypto market. The more community members the FJB coin has, the higher its value.

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