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Genting Stock Price Rises 9.3% on Friday

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Genting stock price rose 9.3% on Friday, the biggest increase in nearly two years. This increase was spurred by a report from Bloomberg News that indicated that there may be takeover interest in the casino giant. The company is a management and investment holding company with operations in oil palm plantations, oil and gas, property development, and life sciences.

The company’s ailing financial situation is a major concern for the Genting empire, which is also the parent company of two of the largest cruise lines in Asia. Recently, the Genting company suspended payments to creditors on almost $3.4 billion in debt. This comes after the company missed a $6 million payment for construction fees. But the company is hopeful that its debts can be restructured.

While the stock price is low, the company has also been hit by the news of a lawsuit between Genting and Disney/Fox. The lawsuit has reportedly impacted Genting’s ability to develop their SkyWorlds theme park. The theme park will remain closed until at least January, but the company hopes to reopen the outdoor park in 2016, when the new construction is complete.

When determining whether to invest in GENTING stock, investors should focus on its profitability, liquidity, and solvency. They should also look at its growth potential and financial leverage. By carefully studying GENTING SG’s past price actions, investors can see which factors are influencing the company’s price. This will help decrease the volatility of their overall portfolio.

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