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How to Buy Art at an Art Auction

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Before attending an Art Auction, it is important to do your research. Most auction houses publish an online catalog, which contains information on works, artists, exhibitions, and prices. This catalog helps you to determine whether the art is worthy of purchasing. You can also consult an art expert for more information. Ensure the art auction venue has sufficient room for the exhibits.

During an Art Auction, you will notice that there are several types of bids. A bidder can place a bid in person, by surrogate, or over the phone. If you are planning to bid in person, you should try to meet the previous bidder’s price. A surrogate bidder places a bid for someone else who is unable to attend the auction. Many art dealers attend auctions as surrogates for anonymous buyers. One famous art dealer, Larry Gagosian, is well-known for bidding on behalf of others.

When you buy a piece of art, always check whether it includes a frame. If the frame is included, it is important to check the dimensions of the frame. Some auctions put on exhibition frames, which are usually very valuable. In addition, art sales online can be misleading. You should also check the e-catalogues of different auction houses to know what to expect.

A benefit auction may not feature signature works, but it can still yield hidden gems. Among the works sold at a benefit sale include works donated by alumni. A print by Katherine Bradford, for example, is a perfect addition to any collection.

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