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How to Find the Best Ethereum Mining Pool

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If you want to mine Ethereum, it is important to join a mining pool. Ethereum mining pools pool the resources of a lot of miners from around the world. It is very hard to mine solo because it requires a lot of processing power. The more computing power a mining pool has, the higher the chances of making money.

A mining pool must have a significant percentage of the hashing power on the Ethereum network. A high hashing power is vital to achieving high block rewards. It is also important to note that fees charged by different mining pools may vary. Some of them may have hidden fees, which are not visible when registering. Make sure to check these fees before registering. The fees may be less than what you think.

Bitfly also runs a pool called Ethermine. This is similar to Ethpool, but has different payout schemes. Ethermine is one of the most popular Ethereum mining pools. Its servers are spread across Europe, Asia, and North America. In addition, Ethermine offers DDOS protection.

Another popular Ethereum mining pool is Suprnova. The pool also supports mining for Litecoin, ZCash, and Monero. It is a good choice for those who want to keep the network decentralized and easy to manage.

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