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How to Win Your Fantasy Football Auction

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The key to winning your fantasy football auction is knowing the process and being prepared. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the entire auction process from start to finish, so you can be confident and successful on draft day

Before the auction begins, each owner must nominate one player for sale. The order of nominations is determined by a random draw. The owner who makes the first nomination starts the bidding at any price they choose; thereafter, each successive owner has the option to either bid higher or pass. In the event that all owners pass, the player is removed from the auction and cannot be nominated again. If no one opens bidding on a player, that player is sold to the owner who nominated them at a price of $1.

Once nominations are complete and the first bid has been made, the auction proceeds in a clockwise fashion until all owners have passed or the maximum number of bids has been reached (usually 10). At this point, the player is considered “sold” and goes to the highest bidder.

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