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IFC International Finance Bank

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IFC is an international finance bank that provides loans to private projects and businesses. Its shareholders are member countries that provide paid-in capital and voting rights. Its services are provided to a variety of sectors, including leasing companies, financial intermediaries, and other businesses. The IFC has been around for 25 years and currently has $475 million in assets.

The International Finance Bank has a 50:50 mix of domestic and international clients. Its focus is on a diversified group of clients in various regions, such as Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the United States. This unique mix allows the bank to provide a highly personalized banking experience for its customers. The bank is also dedicated to helping businesses and individuals develop their careers.

The IFC offers debt and equity financing services and advises companies on how to address risk exposures. But unlike other banks, it does not play an active management role. It advises governments on developing infrastructure, establishing partnerships, and supporting the private sector’s development. Its managing director, Makhtar Diop, has extensive experience in this area. He was previously a vice president of the World Bank, where he led efforts to build sustainable infrastructure in emerging economies.

The process begins with identification of projects. Sometimes a pre-feasibility study is required, in which the borrower and the IFI work together to define the project. Both the borrower and the IFI have technical staff that work on the project. However, it is the responsibility of the borrower to actually design and implement the project.

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