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Public Bank Stock Price

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Public Bank Berhad is a Malaysian bank that offers a variety of financial services throughout Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region. With a market capitalization of approximately $16 billion, the bank is one of the largest in the world, and is a hot stock to watch for investors. Its services include personal and commercial banking, mortgages, and insurance, as well as investment banking.

Public Bank’s stock price is currently trading at 4.42, up 0.01 percent from the previous trading day. Over the past four weeks, Public Bank’s stock has gained nearly 4 percent. Moreover, over the past 12 months, its stock has appreciated 9.41%. However, investors should be aware that these figures are based on personal experiences and should be treated as such.

Public Bank has been trading in a sideways fashion over the last six months, with very low volatility. The company’s capital requirments are conservative and there is no requirement for it to maintain a countercyclical capital buffer. The bank has a diverse shareholding structure and doesn’t follow a dividend reinvestment plan. In fact, it prefers to raise fresh equity instead of holding on to its existing investments.

Public Bank Berhad is a Malaysian holding company that provides a variety of financial services. It offers deposit products such as savings and term deposits. In addition, it offers loans for commercial and personal use. These services include home loans, SWIFT loans, personal loans, and overdrafts. It also has overseas operations in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Cambodia.

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