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If you are selling an item on Roller Auctions, you should know the rules of this auction site. The company reserves the right to postpone an auction or cancel it at any time. In such a case, you will have no further access to the item and will have no further rights to it. Buyers should also note that they may be required to pay a Buyer’s Premium for items they buy from the auction site. This fee will be indicated in the auction and will be a fixed percentage of the final selling price. This fee is not tax-deductible, but it will be included in your total taxable purchases.

Roller Auctions is a great way to sell old, unwanted, or unwanted items. In addition to offering a wide variety of used and new items, it offers a convenient way to sell or buy heavy equipment. The company accepts equipment from local government entities, construction companies, and farmers. It also conducts monthly consignment auctions for companies looking to liquidate their assets. You can sign up to receive emails with new auction listings from this site.

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