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StorageAuctions – Buying and Selling Storage Units Online

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StorageAuctions is the best place to find online storage auctions. This innovative website allows storage facilities to streamline the auction process by allowing them to list inventory for both online and live auctions. This way, facility owners can list their units with confidence and reach a wider bidder base. There are many advantages to using StorageAuctions, including streamlined listings and an increase in potential bidders. It also allows you to sell your unit for more than you would otherwise.

If you are new to storage auctions, it can be helpful to attend a storage auction with a mentor. The mentor can give you tips and share his or her knowledge of bidding. In addition, you can make friends with people who regularly attend storage auctions. Be realistic when bidding and plan accordingly. It is not always possible to know the exact value of what you are purchasing until you outbid your competitors.

When the time comes for storage auctions, be sure to check the company’s policies before making a bid. Often, these companies require a certain amount of time before an auction can begin. Some storage companies are also legally required to make an attempt to contact the renter before the auction. They may even offer alternative payment methods. This is a great way to save money while clearing out a unit for a future renter.

Whether you choose to buy from a storage auction or not depends on the type of storage unit you are looking for. While most auctions sell general household goods and electronics, you may also find some interesting items such as jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and money. Some people even store their entire household in storage. It is important to remember that the storage units are usually packed very tightly.

There are several rules and regulations for a storage auction. Important documents and other items must be retained at the storage facility until they are returned to their rightful owners. Additionally, firearms must be turned over to law enforcement. Vehicles that are purchased at auctions may not be driven off the lot and must be sold for parts.

Storage auctions are becoming more popular in the US and Canada. Many people look for items of high value and hope to sell them for large profits. These auctions are also great for reselling merchandise. Just remember to follow some tips before making your bid. It’s always best to know what you’re buying and when to bid.

If you’re planning on attending a storage auction, you should register in advance with the storage facility. You can do this online or in person. In-person storage auctions are conducted by professional auctioneers.

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