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Tesla Stock Price – What Is It Worth?

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Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) is a clean-energy and automotive multinational company. It designs and builds electric vehicles and battery energy storage systems for home and grid-scale energy storage. It also makes solar panels and solar roof tiles. Its products are used in homes and commercial facilities and are used to reduce the need for electricity.

The stock price of Tesla recently jumped to an all-time high and has recently crossed $300 per share. While the price surge initially looked like a short squeeze, the stock has been consolidated since the initial surge. The stock has a long history of volatility, and it’s only recently experienced a period of smooth price growth. Historically, Tesla has had volatile price swings, with massive drops and periods of steady price growth.

Tesla is an innovative vertically integrated clean energy company with ambitious plans to transition the world to electric mobility. In addition to its electric vehicles, the company also produces solar panels, solar roofs, batteries, and stationary storage systems. While it currently sells luxury cars and luxury SUVs, the company plans to make more affordable cars in the future.

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