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The Auction of Art

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The auction of art is a phenomenon that dates back to the ancient world. During the eighteenth century, auctions were a key arena in which narratives were created and dismantled. It also provided a venue in which collectors and antiquities could engage in a dialogue.

Today, artists who are not well known are able to break into the higher sales market when their work is part of a celebrity’s or high-profile collection. These collections attract a large number of prospective buyers. Some of these collectors include Warhol, Mapplethorpe, John F. Kennedy, and the like.

Another artist whose work is worth considering is Gary Simmons. His survey titled “Fight Night” at Metro Pictures includes images that tackle political and race issues. His works are not as high-end as his contemporaries, but impassioned collectors rarely flip them at the auction. It’s important to remember that an auction is not a sale of one’s collection; it’s a means to a greater good.

In today’s interconnected world, the art market has moved online. Its online platform has allowed potential clients to learn more about an art work and bid on it. Unlike the old days, online art fairs have no geographical boundaries. This means that potential clients can buy art works from wherever they are.

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