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What is a Stock Ticker?

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A stock ticker is a symbol that identifies a particular company. It is useful when tracking your investments, but it can also be confusing. Several symbols exist, including ABC, ABCA, AAPL, BAC, B, and C. In addition to the symbol, you may also notice modifiers like.A or.B. These modifiers usually indicate that the company has filed for bankruptcy or a special situation with its stock.

A stock ticker is a popular way for traders to monitor the performance of their stocks. These signs display real-time market data and can be customized to display at the bottom of a computer monitor. Many financial news networks offer visual stock tickers on their websites. The colors of the stock ticker indicate the price of the stock, with green representing a rising price and red indicating a falling one.

The concept of the stock ticker has evolved since its telegraph system roots. Many on-line investment platforms now allow you to create your own custom stock ticker and display it on your computer screen. However, the traditional ticker-tape parade has become obsolete because of the shift from paper to electronic information. Today, stock parades use confetti and special ‘ticker-tape’ instead.

You can find the stock ticker on most financial websites by clicking on the QUOTES link in the main menu. You can also type in the company’s name and you will see the company’s stock ticker.

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