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What to Expect at a Vintage Auction

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When it comes to antique auctions, you should be aware of the process. First, the auctioneer will announce the start of the bidding and explain the auction rules. Next, the first lot will be placed for bidders to view. Then, buyers and agents will register with the auctioneer and provide identification and financial information to cover bids. The preview period can last anywhere from a few days to a few hours before the auction.

Vintage auction catalogs are an excellent source of information on antiques. The catalogs often provide formal documentation of provenance. Furthermore, most vintage auction catalogs are considered aesthetically pleasing objects. You can find auction catalogs from major auction houses including Bonham’s, Christie’s, Foster’s, Longman & Co, Phillip’s, and Skinner’s.

Antique and vintage cars, motorcycles, and collectible items are some of the most popular items at vintage auctions. Old gas pumps and other antique items will also command strong prices. Vintage license plates and hood ornaments are other popular collectible items. If you love classic cars, you might find one that is just right for your home.

You can also find items from the past that you may not have even imagined. Some pieces include a signed Muhammad Ali program and a 1952 Indiana University Little 500 program. You’ll also find a Budweiser guitar, an Oasis Cigarettes thermometer, and a Monroe Shocks & Brake sign. Some other items include antique paintings by Ray Day, including Victorian Elegance and the four seasons, and an 1800s Spencerigraphy deer drawing.

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